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Our networking wizards are up to any task you can throw at them.
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Wireless or Wired

We can help you get better range & faster connections.


Stream media to your TV or share pictures with your family & friends.

Internet Setups

Don’t pay too much & make sure you are getting the best speeds available.

How can we help?


Setup your Wireless or Wired Network

Home is where the Wi-Fi is. If you haven’t experienced a fast wireless network yet, we can bring it to you! Sharing internet connections and printers as well as documents, spreadsheets, movies, music and everything else on the spectrum is as easy as 1 2 3.


Setup a network between your computers

Set up a wireless home network by using cost effective hardware and recommending quality equipment to setup and install for you.


Create network share locations

Creating multiple copies between people is a thing of the past. Now we can help you store your files in a central location; made for sharing and caring! Show everybody how to access it quickly and easily from any device and your family gatherings will never be boring.

Enable shared printers and media devices

Printers and other peripherals (like an Apple TV) will be integrated into the network so that access within family is unrestricted. Additionally, we can set this up so it can be accessed from anywhere through the internet for convenience too!

Connect other networkable devices

Various other devices are ‘networkable’ as well so they can be added to home networks and accessed on other devices on the network. This permits cross use of peripherals, all though the wireless home network. For example, uploading and viewing your photos straight from your phone to the big screen TV is a dream that we can make reality for you.

Having problems with your existing network?

We know that connectivity problems can be a frustrating situation. That’s why MYCS takes a personal approach to problem solving our way through your issues. Whether it’s laptop connectivity or Wi-Fi black holes in the house, our MYCS technician has the solution for you.

What do we do?



Install and setup network equipment


Setup and configure network security


Connect and sync all your devices


Check your internet connection speeds in real time.


Offer advice on plans with your Internet Service Provider


Setup file and network folder sharing


Network printers so everyone can use them


Connect smart TV’s & stream latest content


Extend and boost your current wireless network

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