Mac Support Brisbane

Purchased a shiny new Mac but don’t know how to use it? Or maybe your Mac is a few years old and isn’t running like it used to. We can provide onsite Mac support in Brisbane today! Contact us now.
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Data Migration

Don’t lose your old data, we can transfer it accross to your new devices.

Product Training

Our friendly plain english speaking techs can show you the ropes.

Home Integration

Steam movies, listen to music and sync your data seamlessly. Ask us how.


Integrate to your Home

In the generation that grew up with technology, your computer could very well be your life. So just give us a call and we’ll be there, home or office, to configure and tweak your Mac the way you want it! Printers, network configuration, applications and settings – it’s easy when it’s with us!


Migrate your Data

Thinking of upgrading or your old mac die on you? Regardless of its ability to switch on, our team can help recover and migrate your precious data (like photos, emails, music and docs) to your new machine; PC or Mac!

Our Brisbane Support Experts at MYCS make the stressful routine of upgrading or moving to a new desktop or laptop, virtually stress free! Our competitive world class service ensures that you don’t lose productivity through dilly dallying and wasted time. Trained specialists in migration; our teams are the best of the best at moving data files, emails, iTunes libraries, photos and programs, just to name a few to your new computer.

If you have trouble picking a new desktop/laptop and unsure on what specification you require to move from a slow and ancient machine to a zippy new model, we can make valuable suggestions and help you pick out the best Mac option tailored to your needs. As well as recommendations our expert PC building team can come up with the most efficient computer within your budget, covering all your needs. Since we have partnered with some of the best computer part suppliers in Brisbane, you can rest assured that you are getting the most cost effective solution possible. Transition is easy with us too as our support is unrivalled when it comes to customer satisfaction and we’ll make sure your new Mac setup is ready to be used – issue free!


Brisbane Apple Product Training

Switching to a mac can be daunting, operating system changes and user interfaces may scare you, but change is often for the better.

The recommendations to switch to a mac are simple, we are the “iGeneration” after all! However, you may be apprehensive due to the lack of experience or training with the new technology in your hands. Not to worry though since our specialists have years of experience and several certificates in training.

We enjoy teaching you the baby steps of step up to getting the most out of your Mac experience, and no matter how you plan to use it, our help will be of extreme value through One-on-One training sessions and online help. We also deliver corporate workshops and for groups of individuals who are looking for Mac training, iPhone training, iPad training and much more. The team is full of talented diverse individuals so there’s a specific kind of teacher to suit all kinds of learning styles and we value quality over quantity so detail is not compromised for the trade-off of pace or time.