After the TV industry fighting over content and streaming rights for years, guess what?

Freeview finally joined the likes of Netflix (1,878,000 Australian subscribers), and offered mobile streaming capabilities to the eagerly awaited Australian mouths. Offering channels such as ABC, SBS, Seven, Channel 9, TEN, ONE, ABC2/ABC KIDS, among others.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

Available on iOS and Android, the Freeview FV app makes it easy to get up to speed with all your favourites on free to air television, giving you the power to watch ‘Home and Away’ while you’re Away from Home!

The swanky advertisements –

for this app do it justice, presenting its functionality efficiently and with subtle humour, earning big smiles from the team at MYCS.

The only drawback is making sure your data consumption doesn’t kick the bucket with all that excessive catch up you’re doing. With more use, Freeview Australia more channels will definitely find themselves added to the growing list of 19, for use within the palm of your hand…… literally.
With features like:

    • Recording
    • Keep Favourites
    • Recommended Section
    • Set Reminders
    • Catch-up TV
    • High Definition and Standard Definition options
    • Weekly Updated TV Guide

The app is bound to be a hit among youngins, the more senior populations, and all Aussies alike.
Freeview CEO Liz Ross summarised the app pretty well saying,

This is a fantastic new way for people to enjoy TV on their terms and never miss a thing, especially when they’re on the go. It’s great news for viewers and we’ve worked hard to create a powerful, simple and user-friendly experience,

As to never missing things on the television experience…
You can now pause streams on your mobile, but you can’t skip or fast forward advertisements however, so that idea flew straight out the door with the trash.
In the end, you can’t escape Christmas jingles and the 6th consecutive advertisement on eating more lamb.

Wait are we missing something…?
…Where’s the footy mate?

As much as this is a step forward, the NEFARIOUS EMPERORS from Optus and Telstra have purchased exclusive digital rights from sporting codes such as the AFL. Blame them for not being able to watch the games while you’re on the go.

After all, creating digital content is worthless unless providers turn into territorial animals, savouring every last scrap of ad revenue — you say in a bittersweet sarcastic tone.


The Freeview app has done well to keep up with the times, but there’s still a long way to go when it comes to getting all Australian content providers to do the right thing and collaborate when it comes to providing what Australian consumers want. An honourable effort from Freeview at least stopped digital content provider from squabbling, even if it’s just for the holidays.